DECEPTIONS…chapter four

As soon as I got to aunt Caroline’s house…. She could detect from the panic in my eyes that something was wrong. I was shivering, I couldn’t cordinate….she drew me closer and I narrated my deeds. After a brief moments of silence….she sigh and said” Beatrice, the deed has been done; all you need to do is find an escape route” I nodded in affirmation….” The point is that, I’m so confused I don’t know what to do” I said still shivering.
We plotted a scheme to avert blame. I didn’t go home that day. First thing the next morning my husband called me to inform me of the death of Stella’s baby….I feigned sympathy and told him I couldn’t return home due to the shock…. He also informed of the burial that would be done that very day.
After the conversation with my husband…i and aunt caroline proceeded to a motherless baby home. Where we made enquiry on the adoption of kids…..
A month after the incident I called my husband and told him I was no longer interested in our marriage, he pleaded though…but I couldn’t accept his plea because it would jeopardize I and aunt Caroline’s scheme. Few months latter I and aunt Caroline travelled overseas….we adopted a child before leaving I named him STEVEN. He was our weapon to retain my pride



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