DECEPTIONS….chapter 6

“Aunty, u re wicked. I can’t believe you asked me to kill dat innocent child”
” well u can keep the child, good woman” Aunty Caroline said and hung up.
I won’t kill, and I won’t sit and watch a stranger overthrown my son.
I was treated like an egg in the house by both my in laws and husband, I didn’t have to do much work in making Stella’s life miserable, my husband and his parent did. She was more like an housemaid. I wasn’t still happy because I knew that one way or the other we shared a husband.
Few months latter, I delivered a baby, a boy. A year latter Stella conceived much to my detriment.
I thought this lady would just let my family be, I asked myself while watching her sleep with her protruding tummy one night…. I couldn’t hold the resentment any longer, I woke her up. Of course it was at the dead of the night no one was awake.
” Stella wake up” she jumped up as soon as I called.
” Stella, I came here for one reason” I continued.
” if you don’t want to loose your baby again, leave this house” I watch to see the effects of my words on her, what I saw didn’t encourage me.
” aunt Beatrice, I would av lay low if you wanted, but asking me to leave this house is one thing I would never do” she said with more bravery on her tune that her expression.
” okay o, if you say so. But just know that Henry doesn’t love you. We drowned your baby” I said with obvious conviction
” what, you and my husband drowned the baby, its impossible. If u did dat o would accept, but henry no”
” well its your choice stay if you want, but get prepared for another outbreak of tears in 3 months time. I said angrily and headed for the door.
Mind you, don’t think of saying these to anyone, no one will believe you” I added before leaving the room.
The next morning we discovered, Stella was no where to be found. I summoned a tracking agent to follow her and give me details so I can know when she delivers, then I complete what I started and clean all traces.



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